MgA. Pavel Richta (*1982)

Actor, mim, dancer, occasional singer and musician. He is a graduate of pantomime acting at the Department of Pantomime at Prague HAMU. Since 2106 he has been a member of the West Bohemian Theater in Cheb. He has been acting for several years as a guest at the National Theater. He is the founder and member of the puppet theater Tate Iyumni. He is also a member of the Theatre Society for the Guest (Brothers Karamazov – Smerďakov). He has been filming various series of films (for example: Waking up in 2012, Tell me, Montenegro, November). He has been in Long Vehicle Circus since 2010. He has been playing Cello and Clarinet. He wishes to live so that every day in his life be filled.


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